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BLUEWELL ADVOCATES is a family oriented OPWDD approved MSC provider assisting individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities and their families in gaining access to services and supports appropriate to their needs through OPWDD Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC) program with Empathy, Respect and Dignity to improving their value and quality of life.

 We are committed to enhancing the lives of the people we serve and their families by providing individualized service coordination that will:
      • Encourage community integration, inclusion and participation.
      • Encourage independence and provide opportunities for making informed meaningful choices and decisions.
      • Encourage Empowerment, Self-determination and Self-advocacy.
      • Encourage productivity and the attainment of outcomes that respond to unique needs and desires expressed by individuals.
      • Be sensitive to cultural differences.
      • Encourage the building of self-esteem and dignity.
      • Balance the desires of individual and the desires of families, while protecting those individuals who are not capable of protecting themselves.

            These principles shall direct, design and govern the operation of all Bluewell Advocates services.


          ·      Help you to understand and to navigate the system of services

        ·    Help you to obtain and keep your child’s benefits and eligibilities

        ·    Assist you in receiving financial assistance through Reimbursements funds and other sources and help improve your housing situation

        ·    Provide information on resources and services

        ·     Follow up with other service providers to ensure quality of service

Under the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Medicaid Waiver, MSC can refer you to the following services:

          ·     Day Habilitation Programs

          ·      Community Habilitation Programs

       ·    Vocational Programs 

       ·     Supported Employment Programs

·            ·    Residential Habilitation 

·            ·    Environmental Modification

·            ·    Adaptive Technology Services

·            ·    Educational Services

·            ·    Legal Services and Educational Advocacy  

·             ·   Guardianship. Immigration and Special Needs Trusts

·         All Kinds of Leisure Programs:

·            ·   After-School, Holiday and At-Home and Overnight Respites

·            ·   Art Studios, Drama Clubs, Dance, Bowling

·            ·   Literacy classes and Computer Clubs

·            ·   Summer Camps, Hotel Respites

·            ·   Sunday trips

·            ·   Special Olympics and Horse-Riding programs

·            ·   Connect you with Parent Support Groups and Councils

·            ·   Inform you on Parent Workshops/Trainings, Services Fairs, Conferences, Family Days and other events in OPWDD System

Together with your MSC, you will create an Individualized Service Plan (ISP), enhancing your child’s life and the service environment corresponding to his/her abilities, interests and needs. By being constantly in touch with the Services Providers, the MSC will be monitoring your child’s progress and advocate for his needs and preferences. If the parents form a partnership with Bluewell Advocates, the results are always beneficial for the people we serve and for their families.

Note: Medicaid Waiver Services are offered to individuals with developmental disabilities of all ages.
If you suspect that your family member or someone else you know has an intellectual or developmental disability or delay it is important to have that individual evaluated.

In case you are not satisfied with your MSC, you have the right to request a different MSC from the Bluewell Advocates or another agency, or you may discontinue the MSC service if you don’t need it.

For service:

call 718-887-1257/718-816-0513 

Email service@bluewelladvocates.org


For more information:

Visit our website www.bluewelladvocates.com