African Project Stakeholder

Given the plight of the People with IDD in Africa, Bluewell Advocates is pleased to invite you to become a stakeholder in the noble course of advocating for the rights and coordinating services for the People with IDD in Nigeria to ensure that people with IDD are provided with opportunities to: 

  • live in the most integrated setting
  • have meaningful and productive community participation
  • experience personal health, safety, and growth
  • develop meaningful relationships with others
  • have a choice about their services
  • have the opportunity to self-direct their services, and
  • ensure that their changing needs are met
The Vision Statement 
People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities enjoy meaningful relationships with friends, family, and others in their lives, experience personal health and growth and live in the home of their choice and fully participate in their communities. 

The Mission Statement 
We help people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities live fulfilled lives.


Definition(s): For the purpose of this policy, the following terms shall have the meaning as ascribed to them:

a) Accountability – The principle that Bluewell Advocates will be responsible to its stakeholders for decisions made and policies implemented, as well as its actions or inactions.

b) Transparency – The principle that Bluewell Advocates actively encourages and fosters stakeholder participation and openness in its decision-making processes. Additionally, transparency means that the agency’s decision-making process is open and clear to the stakeholders.

c) Stakeholder – Any individual person, organization, or entity that has an interest or stake in the Bluewell Advocates business, actions, or inactions.

Policy Statement

Bluewell Advocates acknowledges that it is responsible for working with its stakeholders in an accountable, openness, and transparent manner to enhance trust. This policy shall be achieved through Bluewell Advocates adopting measures ensuring, to the best of its ability, that all activities and services are undertaken to utilize a process that is open and accessible to its stakeholders. In addition, wherever possible, Bluewell Advocates will engage its stakeholders throughout its decision-making process, which will be open, visible, and transparent to the stakeholders.

Financial Matters

Bluewell Advocates will be open, accountable, and transparent to its stakeholders in its financial dealings. Some examples of how the agency will provide such accountability and transparency are as follows, but not limited to:

  • External audits
  • Internal audits
  • Reporting/statements
  • Long term financial planning
  • Performance management through Quality Assurance Board Standards (QABS)
  • Procurement Policy By-law
  • Budget process
  • Agency Performance Measures Program (APMP)
  • Corporate Business Plans
  • Corporate Performance Measures

Stakeholders Participation and Information Sharing 

Bluewell Advocates will ensure that it is open and accountable to its stakeholders through implementing processes outlining how, when, and under what rules meetings will take place. In accordance with the Strategic Plan, the agency shall facilitate stakeholder involvement in its activities by providing for stakeholder consultations to inform the stakeholders of agency initiatives that are under consideration.

Please indicate your interest in becoming a stakeholder in helping people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Africa live fulfilled lives by completing the form below: