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The future of black people in the United States depends so much on their children to obtain competitive education. 
Education is a means to achieve much-needed justice in the black people in the United States, both individual justice, and social justice.  
Both the black and white people in the United States can easily exist in harmony when 
the society provides them with equal educational opportunities from an early age to compete fairly.

There has long been an ongoing conversation about equity in higher education, focusing on the serious gaps in access for Black and Hispanic people. Besides, it is indisputable that getting into college is not enough; Black and Hispanic students are much less likely to graduate. There are serious inequities even among students who do graduate from college. Following the type of credentials, students earn and the majors they study, Black and Hispanic graduates are significantly underrepresented in important fields of study such as engineering and education, mathematics and statistics, and the physical sciences compared to their White counterparts.

Bluewell Advocates has played a major role in:

·         creating college education awareness among the black and ethnic minority communities;

·         providing service coordination for the black and ethnic minority high school students to develop interests in the fields engineering and education,           mathematics and statistics, and the physical sciences;

·         providing the needed support to ensure graduation;

·         providing competitive employment and career service coordination;

·         providing mentorship and role modeling services